Thursday, September 28, 2023

Travelling calms our soul, rejuvenates the body and refreshes our mind. I do a lot of it both for professional and personal reasons. It is also true that travel sometimes can be a nightmare.
It all depends upon many variables and not just one or a few aspects of travel, in this issue, we have attempted to present, if not all, but many such aspects. It covers such elements in both inbound and outbound tourism.
Our growing acceptance by the readers gladdens our hearts and gives us the confidence that we are on the right track. All the accolades and criticism are positive inputs for us at Travel Heights.
Many stakeholders are keen to join our journey to achieve excellence of every level. We appreciate and welcome them to be part of Travel Heights growth. An ocean of opportunities awaits us.
I urge all of you to experience the August 2022 issue of Travel Heights int has a blend of policy, corporate, human interest, academic topics and leisure read. We keep experimenting with new ideas and thought processes.
Like Mahatma Gandhi said, keep your doors and windows open for at views and ideas to come in: we welcome any suggestion for a new initiative that stakeholders feel would be mutually beneficial and help each other’s ability growth and development.
We live in a transition from print to the digital age. The world will take some time for a complete changeover. At RJ Associates, our team understands this interregnum and allows stakeholders to participate as per their requirements in our digital and print initiatives.
The commitment that each of our team members brings to the table a excitement, positive response, and a conducive platform for editorial and marketing initiatives.
Travel Heights proudly and happily celebrates our 76th Independence Day look forward to you all celebrating with us and being part of our country society community and life on every big occasion that matters to you and us.

Richa Jain


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