Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dear Readers,

All of you will agree the country is witnessing green shoots in the tourism sector, not only in India but globally. The last few years have been difficult for all sectors. But the worst hit was tourism and hospitality. Even during the pandemic, Travel Heights came out with its issues to keep josh high of our team, the industry, and our readers. As the tourism industry revives, we are eager to bring you bright

bursts of sunshine and sparkling lights for travellers. We understand

the excitement that is palpable amongst all of us. The government deserves special kudos for its efforts to revive the tourism sector. The domestic industry has responded, and soon, we will have the inbound tourists.

No doubt, the work on logistics and infrastructure can be improved. The initiatives have begun, and the execution is visible. We at Travel Heights are excited about the revival process and are confident that India will emerge stronger and healthier. The magazine has a lot to offer for the policy and corporate. It

has gained the respect of its readers and advertisers for the quality of content and message. We aim to work to enhance it at every step. Our digital team is also on a high, with many stakeholders using our platform to communicate. It is a dynamic ecosystem. But with print and digital, we provide the right balance to all.

The journey that took a break due to the pandemic has begun again. All of us are eager to see what unfolds. But we are sure it will be exciting, beautiful, romantic, adventurus, fun and with work and pleasure.


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