Wednesday, July 17, 2024

It’s been overwhelming receiving so much of love and affection from our esteemed readers. Travel Heights is known for its unique content that puts travel and tourism and the stakeholders involved in the sector at the forefront of its reporting. We touched outbound on the cover of our August issue. In this issue we have tried to once again delve into something unique that is barely spoken of and yet has tremendous significance for the dream of realizing a great tourism future for the country by 2047 as being espoused by the Government.
In this issue of our Cover Story on ‘Regional Tourism’ there is tremendous merit to merge this idea with the country’s tourism vision as is being put forward in the new draft National Tourism Policy, as well as with the vision of a developed self-reliant India by 2047. Although ambitious, but it is possible, as FAITH Chairman Nakul Anand proposes in his speech at the National Conference of State Tourism Ministers, to realize the dream of 100 million inbound tourists in our journey to 100 years of independence.
He said, “In our journey to 100th anniversary of India’s Independence in 2047, it is more than possible to achieve 100 million Inbound Tourists and 10 billion Domestic Tourism Visits, with a potential employment of 150 million additional direct and indirect jobs pan India.”
But for this to happen, and happen sooner, the country will need a robust regional tourism as its inbound mainstay, quite like most of the top visited destinations of the world. France gets almost 80 per cent of its visitors from neighbouring European countries, and so do other top destinations of the world. 100 million inbound will remain a dream til/ we have a strong regional tourism exchange in this part of the world.
The recent WTTC Annual tourism report is also an eye opener and so does ICCA’s. There are lot of learning hidden in their statistics and research and we hope it will help our readers come to better business decisions in the respective domain.

Richa Jain


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