Wednesday, July 17, 2024

If you have a knack of bidding right in a crazy and creative manner, you may be packing your bags to enjoy vacation packages in Kerala at incredibly low prices.

In an innovative and trendsetting way to woo visitors from across the country and abroad, Kerala Tourism has introduced ‘Holiday Heist’, an exciting and exhilarating social media bidding game where participants have the opportunity to win vacation packages at the lowest possible prices.

Powered by WhatsApp, this unique game offers a thrilling bidding experience the winners can effectively steal tour packages showcasing Kerala’s globally acclaimed captivating destinations.

In the game that revolves around the concept of “lowest unique bidding,” participants compete to secure tour packages with their lowest bids in a most unique manner. Unlike traditional auctions, strategic thinking and creativity are the hallmarks of this bidding game, where stands out for each player’s distinctiveness.

Maya, Kerala Tourism’s official WhatsApp chatbot (7510512345), is the platform for the game. Launched in March 2022, it boasts over 1.5 lakh contacts and more than three lakh active conversations!

Maya unveils new tour packages every day for 30 days and users have to bid wisely to win daily, with fresh chances to triumph for a month. With 30 captivating packages to grab, the bidders can look for a dream Kerala holiday!

Notably, Maya has received a whopping 50,000 bids since day one, with lucky winners securing packages worth Rs 30,000 for an unbelievable 5 rupees!

To participate in the bidding game, one has to send Holiday Heist to Maya, select package of the day and start bidding!

The winning bid will be announced every day after 3 pm.

“We have unleashed Holiday Heist as an innovative tool to redefine tour package promotions, inspiring strategic thinking, creativity, and a spirit of adventure. It’s not just about bidding high; it’s about bidding uniquely low to steal a package!” said Tourism Minister Shri P. A. Mohamed Riyas.

“As the exclusive WhatsApp campaign by Kerala Tourism, it also marks a historic milestone for tourism departments in the country,” he added.

For the game play, visit


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