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Encapsulate the grandeur of deep–rooted culture of the city of Joy, Kolkata with a delightful feast of “Durgapujor Mahabhoj” from 1st October to 5th October, at Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks. Durga Puja, also known as Durgotsava is synonymous with homecoming; warm hospitality, and authentic food which is widely observed across the country and in major cities of the world by the Bengali diaspora.

Taste the authenticity of “Durga Pujor Mahabhoj” at Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks

Setting the atmosphere right for all the Bengalis in Bangalore bedecked with the intricate festive décor. Relish the authentic “Durgapujor Mahabhoj”, as each of the 5 days will have different reflection on the food that is eaten on the day. For example, while on Shashthi and Saptami days, the menu will have “Kolkata biryani” or “Chingri Machher Malai Curry”, Astami will have “Bhoger Khichuri with Labra” and Nabami with “Kosha mangsho”.

To curate the menu, the hotel roped in the help of a foodpreneur, Debopama who hails from Kolkata. From bite-sized culinary delights to lavish feasts, the skilled culinary team has curated an elaborate lunch from the taste palette of a Bengali. The menu celebrates a unique amalgamation of authentic age-old recipes along with Bengali favorites to tantalize the taste buds of the guests. 

Delve into an indulgent gastronomic affair with an extensive spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as Postor bora, Kosha Mangsho, Chingri Maachher Malai Curry, Kolkata Chicken Biryani and Bhoger mangsho. The restaurant will also serve specialties from the recipes of the famed Tagore family of Calcutta like The Mohan Polao, Komola Polao and Darbesh. Adding to the epicurean feast, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth from a wide selection of traditional Bengali desserts like ‘Thakur barir darbesh, Labango latika’, Golap kachagolla, and more. 

Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks is all set to make this year’s Durga Puja wholesome with an eclectic menu, perfect ambiance and traditional dishes of Bengal. 

Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks is located at Embassy GolfLinks Business Park, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore 560 071, India. For table reservations, contact us on +91 80 6679 9999, +91 70907 12002, +91 79031 72450 or write to us at Joel.Pinto2@Hilton.comsougata.ghosh@hilton.com.


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