Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Embracing and adorning the upcoming new horizons that the Tourism World will be marching, surfing, and diving deep into, highlighting the art of making the man at the best of his power through the binoculars of the future endeavors of each existence engulfed and involved in making the human existence better through the podium of tourism is what the Travel Heights has been on a mission of. 2023, a year of growth, a year after resting from a pandemic, a year that puts everything from table to action, new hopes, new ambitions, new energy, and brand new ideas is what the upcoming world tends to beam the light on for the tourism of today.

With the January issue of the Travel Heights, a ray of hope, a shining star, a bright sunny day, and a healthy tomorrow unravels from industries to hospitality, wellness to rebuilding empires, growth and development, and gushing ideas of human minds woven in the beads of tourism is what 2023’s framework speaks globally.

From the under-process runways of Outbound and investments in the Inbounds, from the wellness of tourism to the aviation new charts, the top-tier boom of tourism’s dynamic, River Tourism, what is new in the world and new destinations that are ready to call for a fiesta, this month unravels everything that one must know regarding the gigantic empire of global tourism.

We collectively put forth those dreams turning to reality, goals booming the market, developments bettering experiences, and even better dais for tomorrow’s tourism through our February issue’s pursuits, research, connectivity, and efforts and hope to bring out the best that the world needs and the best that world should see.

Richa Jain


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