Wednesday, July 17, 2024

January 2023, a month that has projected the beginning of a new year, new hope, and new dreams amalgamating and weaving within its umbrella of a beautiful year that the man experienced out of his own efforts and reenactments that changed the very dynamic of the loops and falls that the pandemic brought with itself for him.

For a good span of two years, the face of the Earth was raveled in crisis and despair, the challenges that one end, seemed to be never ending, suffering and losses that went up to the charts all over the globe, Encircled by it and in it, Man did not only realize his power but also the nature of rebuilding everything from the day it collapses, which also was direly felt and worked for.

2022, was an absolute bang, an armor that shove its power on the field, the moment when given a slot of an opportunity in 2022, a post- pandemic year to the man, he took it, battled it, and defeated all the existing notions of despair and sense of losses due to the Covid-19.

2022 charted the records in tourism once again, making a better frame for the future experiences to come, working in pursuit of mending all the shells that lost the sea and taking the podium of tourism to another level that the humans beaded and adorned the world with before the pandemic took a toll on human life.

With the January issue, Travel Heights has bucketed the opportunity to showcase the very efforts that collectively have been acquitted post the pandemic in 2022 that proved to be the hiking and boosting year for the tourism industry on a global dais.

We collectively come forward to screen the tourism stage that although undergoing certain challenges but emerged as the ever-colorful and ever- bright spectrum, through our effort and contribution through the dint of our publication.

Richa Jain


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