Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Trevolution Group, which operates International Travel Network, Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, Aviajet, and other travel brands, announces plans to implement new distribution capabilities (NDC) in its ticket distribution by partnering with AirGateway, a world-leading NDC aggregator. Following this, a highly specialized, local NDC Team of Excellence is to be built.

Peter Vazan, CEO of International Travel Network, said: “To fully leverage the benefits of NDC, a significant infrastructure investment is required. We believe that NDC is critical to the advancement of travel retailing, and are therefore building an internal, highly specialized NDC team, consisting of seasoned engineers and business analysts.”

“Our IT team in India has been successfully working with breakthrough innovation and technological solutions. It is the main reason why we saw India as the perfect physical base for our global NDC team,” Vazan commented.

It is expected that Trevolution Group will be able to provide its clients with more customized offers by early 2023, and that over 180,000 bookings will be made within the first year alone.

NDC is a travel industry standard used by airlines, aggregators, and travel sellers for distributing and selling flight content. The benefits of full integration of NDC include transparent data sharing and better pricing structures, and bringing retail capabilities to life through dynamic and more personalized content.


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