Friday, June 21, 2024

A perfect life, a highly paying job, a smooth life journey is something which is ideal but just not true all the time. Life is a journey and not a destination as many of us think. Our society which comprises of you and me and us has created bars and norms for everyone. This is right, this is wrong, this is avoidable! External Evaluation and competition take away the hard work and what becomes important is the result.

Life is limited, our time in the world is finite and that is the most beautiful thing about it. Many people regret that they haven’t enjoyed their lives as much as they could have as they were seeking validation from others all the time. Now you will never be right for someone all the time. Well, that’s what we should be independent from! Independence from seeking validation all the time, Independence from being just perfect and independence from proving a point to others! JUST BREATHE. We are human with just one life. All we have to do is to question our own consciousness which guides us the way to lead a purposeful and a satisfied life.

Factually, the new age problems like anxiety, stress, jealousy, guilt is all the result of this pretentious portrayal of trying to fit in or to trying to control things and people. I have practiced it myself and I can say it with a lot of conviction that if we focus on self growth and real happiness one will lead a healthier and a thoroughly fulfilled life.

This Independence Day we must try to be Independent from any taboos and hinderances which gives us all sorts of mental and physical issues. A healthy mind and a healthy body should be our aim. If only we don’t have to impress someone, will we be able to focus on our abilities, our developments and even our shortcomings without being judgemental and comparative and thereby working on it.

Like many others, I also had a deep conversation with myself during the pandemic. I kept thinking that money alone couldn’t help us. Our positivity, healthy body and most important healthy mind will only get us through the journey called life.

I always wanted to begin something on my own, a brand that I can call my own , a brand that reflects me. But again all these years, I kept struggling between will it be right for me? Is it the right move? And then this pandemic gave me the courage and perseverance to just do it.

Sandook(my brand) is a story that begun when I got my grandfather’s Sandook(treasure trove) after his demise. It has beautiful memories and priceless moments which lie in my living room today making it the most beautiful corner of my house and my happy place.

My brand , Sandook works with various artisans & craftsmen from across the country to revive the weaves and arts which has been a very prominent part of our Indian heritage. Sandook thus promises to bring to you such art, artefacts, weaves, jewelleries and even antique furniture that you treasure as a priceless possession! Sandook will soon be launching its website for you all to choose and buy from a wide range of options which will have something for everyone!

In Sandook I have manifested my Independence and attempted to put to reality my vision for a treasure trove that is inside each one of us and waiting to enlighten our lives in a variety of ways. Happy Independence to you all and may you discover your inner treasure on this day and beyond.

Deepika Singh

(Founder Of Sandook , Communication Professional & Happiness Coach)

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