Thursday, May 23, 2024

Watching the current situation, tourism is trying to cover most of the losses. The travel industry has been suffering due to the pandemic, as the public’s movement has been restricted. The government is trying to restart things but with a different approach this time. Many new schemes and plans have been released to boost the tourism sector. Domestic tourism is the domain that is getting high attention to make the most of the profit with security. Outbound and Inbound can still be a risky attempt for the world. It seems the world is setting a new pathway and is teaching us to respect it. Nature is somewhat something that every traveller or tourist is craving for, and the covid restriction is not letting anybody out of the house. A lot of unpopular travel trends seem to emerge which are more concerned about responsibility, safety, and sustainability. One such important yet unpopular trend is ‘Rural Tourism’. ‘Rural Tourism’ has gained immense importance in the last two decades and has created a niche impact on tourists’ minds as a special-interest form. Now, it seems to divert the


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