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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Introduces Innovative Initiative on International Museum Day

Bhopal, May 18, 2023- On the special day of International Museum Day, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is doing something innovative to improve cultural exploration by introducing a QR-based audio guide. The idea is to sync the state’s historical background with modern technology, thereby letting visitors delve into the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and glorious history of Madhya Pradesh with ease. Seven renowned museums will feature this unique initiative, and Tourism, Culture and Religious Trust and Endowment Minister, Sushri Usha Thakur, will inaugurate the QR-based audio guide at 6 pm, starting from the lavish Lal Bagh Palace in Indore. Unlocking captivating insights into Madhya Pradesh’s history is an opportunity that awaits visitors to the State Museum and Tribal Museum in Bhopal, the Gujri Mahal Archaeological Museum in Gwalior, the Lalbagh Palace in Indore, the Maharaj Chhatrasal Museum in Dhubela, and the Observatory and Triveni Museum in Ujjain.

Informative audio guides are readily accessible at these museums through QR codes that have been strategically placed. With the convenience of mobile phones, visitors can simply scan these codes in either Hindi or English languages.

Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture, emphasised on the importance of this endeavor as it seeks to link ordinary individuals, particularly young people, with the abundant cultural heritage of the state. The installation of QR codes offers a hassle-free means to acquire comprehensive information about museums, removing the need for human tour guides while retaining job opportunities in the tourism sector. This pioneering measure aims to optimize information sharing for tourists and enhance their overall stay experience.

In collaboration with Sago organization, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has introduced their technology to the Kushabhau Thackeray International Convention Center (Minto Hall) and seen great results. The ongoing testing phase at Lal Bagh Palace, Indore further attests to the positive response garnered thus far.  Using the Sago Buddy app, visitors have the opportunity to participate in an interactive audio tour by scanning QR codes. The tour provides a variety of interesting and informative content including historical accounts, detailed descriptions, and comprehensive information that are presented in a user-friendly manner.


The Sago Buddy app provides a novel travel experience by combining travel information with AI. This app is the bridge that connects tourists to audio tours in different languages that are suited to each individual’s needs, interests, and age. Alongside these services, Sago Buddy also offers GPS location tracking,image search, QR code scanning, and exhibit numbering, all of which enhance the overall experience of tourists.

How to Download

To download the Sago Buddy app, users can visit the Play Store on their mobile devices. Following the download, users can select their preferred language and effortlessly access the audio tour by scanning the QR codes within the Sago Buddy app. The se­amless integration of technology and culture­ in Madhya Pradesh offers a unique opportunity to re­volutionize tourism experie­nces. Through this integration, tourists can more meaningfully engage with fascinating travel destinations.

The Madhya Prade­sh Tourism Board has taken a pioneering ste­p with their QR-based audio guide initiative­. This allows visitors to explore the state­’s rich cultural heritage one muse­um at a time, while technology and tradition ble­nd seamlessly togethe­r. The result is an informative and captivating e­xperience that unve­ils the fascinating stories woven into the­ tapestry of Madhya Pradesh’s history.

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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board

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