Wednesday, July 17, 2024

This World Turtle Day, Kandima Maldives is hosting engaging, meaningful workshop-style activities for guests, to drive awareness of the gentle sea giants facing endangerment. Guests are invited to create their own stylish turtle sand sculptures and to learn how to contribute to the conservation of these majestic creatures. Lead by Paula Llacer, diving instructor and the island’s very own certified marine biologist, the workshopaims to engage and educate guests with fun facts and calls to action.

Paula’s passion for the ocean started when she began diving at age 16, and she fell in love with the vastness of the ocean and its peaceful calmness. With a background in Marine Science from the Canary Islands and diving experience from the Caribbean to Bali, she decided to cement her love for the tropical waters by working in Marine Conservation in the Maldives. Paula wants to make the Earth a better place to live for marine creatures – working to improve the lives of coral reef sharks, turtles, manta rays and more. 

This World Turtle Day (23rd May), test your turtle knowledge with our top three facts about the majestic creature:

  • Immortal Beings – Turtles belong to one of the oldest reptile groups in the world, dating back to the time of dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago!
  • The Magic of Sand Temperature – Cooler sand produces male hatchlings, while more temperate sand produces female hatchlings.
  • Turtle Superpowers – Some freshwater turtles can breathe through their “butt,” the multipurpose opening known as a cloaca, which is used for reproduction, waste expulsion, and respiration. How creative?!


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