Tuesday, May 28, 2024

As you travel through our country, be a proud part of our Festivals and feasts. Independence is knocking at the door! I feel that each of us today should pledge to visit a place that brings us closer to the history and heritage of the country. Indeed, it will be! My passion is now my profession.

The Indian freedom struggle was not easy, and we must pay our respects to the martyrs on this national day. India is one of the  Oldest Civilizations in the world; with rich heritage and myriad attractions, our country is among the most popular tourist destination in the world.

The snow-covered Himalayan height to the Tropical rain forest of the south. India is home to the finest architectural heritage, serene ghats, spectacular landscapes, and the Largest Tiger reserve. I work in the travel industry. I meet new individuals daily and learn a lot about where they belong and why they wish to travel to different parts of India.

Despite our Prime Minister urging us Indians to visit at least 15 places in India, I doubt any one of us has been able to do that. I know that all of us have our limitations, compulsions and commitment. They do restrict our ability to do what we wish to do.

On some occasions, it could be the logistics. While on the other, financial. I have discussed, sometimes in-depth, with people who wish to explore India in their lifetime. As a professional, my colleagues and I help them to the best of our ability, even customizing the travel packages. We do it hoping at least, with our help, they can fulfil some of their aspirations and wishes.

It’s a great feeling when they come back and thank us. Sometimes, they also complain. That is part and parcel of our profession. We learn from their bad experience and try to improve on the nice inputs. Since I also love to travel and explore parts of India, I share the excitement and passion of travellers.

Covid was indeed a major dampner. But it taught us many lessons. I am sure all of us have learnt a few new lessons and taught a few.

As we celebrate the 76th Independence Day, I hope and pray that India should climb great heights of economic and political power in the world. That will happen when we Indians get to know more about our India and work with each other in every field.

To begin with, I would suggest travelling to parts of India that you have not visited yet.

N Venkat Raman
Cooper Travel House

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