Friday, April 19, 2024

Madhya Pradesh Tourism had a remarkable presence at the India International Film Tourism Conclave 2023, held in Mumbai from October 12th to 14th, 2023. The event provided a platform for the vibrant film industry professionals of India to interact with industry stakeholders and explore the incredible cinematic potential of the country.

A delegation from Madhya Pradesh Tourism, led by the Secretary of the Tourism and Culture Department and the Managing Director of MP Tourism Board, Mr Sheo Shekhar Shukla (IAS), recently met with film industry stakeholders to showcase the stunning natural beauty, rich historical sites, and diverse cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. Often called the “Heart of India,” Madhya Pradesh boasts a unique and diverse range of landscapes that can cater to a wide variety of film genres. During the meeting, officials from Madhya Pradesh Tourism had the opportunity to meet with renowned film industry stakeholders such as R. Balki, an Indian filmmaker and screenwriter, among others. the Principal S film genres. Du

Exploring the potential of states as filming destinations for various genres, including historical epics, romantic escapades, action-packed adventures, and mystical tales.

Mr Shukla (IAS) recently shared the highlights of Madhya Pradesh’s film policy. The policy aims to encourage private investment, skill development, and employment generation through film shooting. It offers financial grants for shooting serials, shows, web series, documentaries, and special incentives for international and South Indian filmmakers. Filmmakers can now avail themselves of permission within 15 days under the Public Service Guarantee Act, and an online single-window system for shooting permissions is also available. Madhya Pradesh is an ideal destination for filmmakers, thanks to its natural beauty and impeccable locations.

The state’s dense forests, rolling hills, serene lakes, majestic forts, and ancient temples have already served as exquisite backdrops for numerous Bollywood and international film productions. Madhya Pradesh Tourism officials provided an extensive list of stunning locations that filmmakers can utilize to create unforgettable cinematic experiences. The officials of Madhya Pradesh Tourism engaged with numerous filmmakers, location scouts, production houses, and industry experts, sparking exciting discussions about potential collaborations and film projects in the state.

During the India International Film Tourism Conclave 2023, Mr Yuvraj Padole, the Deputy Director of Films at MP Tourism, expressed his excitement about the opportunities presented by the event. The Film Facilitation Cell (FFC) is dedicated to supporting the film industry in every possible way, from simplifying the permit process to providing access to the state’s diverse and picturesque locations. The presence of Madhya Pradesh Tourism at the Conclave was a success and is expected to generate increased interest from filmmakers and production houses who are seeking to take advantage of the state’s unparalleled beauty for their future projects.

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