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Sharjah attracts travelers with its captivating blend of tradition and modernity, offering a unique and wholesome travel experience like no other. This vibrant emirate, often referred to as the “Cultural Capital of the UAE,” boasts a rich tapestry of history, art, and natural beauty that will enchant and captivate each type of visitor. From its stunning beaches and bustling souks to its world-class museums and cultural festivals, Sharjah promises a journey filled with discovery, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Experience Family-Friendly Fun in Sharjah City

Sharjah City is a hub of family-oriented entertainment and leisure activities. The city’s development is centered around providing a number of options for families and children, ensuring that parents always have a variety of engaging activities to enjoy with their kids.

One such destination is the Al Majaz Waterfront, a picturesque waterside location featuring attractions like mini golf, a splash park, a mini-train, and numerous kid-friendly amusements. A highlight for all visitors is the mesmerizing Sharjah fountain, which periodically presents a captivating light and sound display.

For an action-packed family outing, head to Al Montazah, situated on Flag Island in Khalid Lagoon. Here, two thrilling parks are themed around ancient heroic legends, promising a day filled with adventure and excitement.

Al Noor Island, a car-free oasis, is renowned for its lush tropical biosphere teeming with floating butterflies. The island also showcases an array of captivating art installations, including the renowned OVO structure.

A short drive from the Sharjah corniche, Al Qasba offers an array of activities for both kids and adults. From dining at restaurants to enjoying cultural events and exploring art and design museums, there’s something for everyone. Parents can relax at a café while their children revel in the musical fountain, frolic in the kids’ fun zone and indoor soft play center, or partake in the numerous entertaining activities designed just for kids.

For families with a love for heritage, the Heart of Sharjah is a perfect destination. This area allows heritage enthusiasts to spend an entire day exploring art spaces and museums housed in traditional barjeel (wind tower) buildings, as it strives to become a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover the Desert Beauty of Sharjah’s Central Region

Just a short drive from the bustling city lies Sharjah’s Central Region, a captivating expanse of desert sands and rugged mountains steeped in history and adventure.

In Al Dhaid, a locale famous for its date palm plantations, you can immerse yourself in local culture by purchasing handmade pottery and carpets. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the exquisite taste of farm-fresh dates, nurtured by water from the ancient falaj channels originating in the nearby Hajar Mountains.

For thrill-seekers and 4×4 enthusiasts, Al Badayer is a hidden gem on Sharjah’s map. This desert oasis is the ideal destination for conquering impressive sand dunes on quad bikes, experiencing the exhilaration of dune-bashing and desert driving, or simply unwinding while camping under the vast open skies. Al Badayer offers an array of activities suitable for travelers of all ages.

Mleiha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands as one of the UAE’s most significant archaeological discoveries. Explore the remnants of ancient civilizations at this historical site, embark on desert safaris, or hike to Camel Rock for a panoramic view of the desert landscape.

Indulge in the Scenic Wonders of Sharjah’s East Coast

Sharjah’s east coast is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a captivating backdrop of thriving nature reserves and crystal-clear beach waters, perfect for those seeking action and adventure.

Dibba Al Hisn, named after the historic hisn or “fort,” boasts a picturesque marina. Explore the town by taking a tour of the old Dibba Al-Hisn fort, cruising along the coast on a traditional fishing boat or dhow, and visiting local mosques and fresh produce markets.

Khorfakkan, a charming beach town, is a top choice among Sharjah’s tourist destinations for leisure and adventure. Enjoy a day of water-based activities such as sailing, kayaking, and scuba diving, and conclude your adventure by pampering yourself at the luxurious Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa.

Kalba, renowned for its ecotourism offerings, is a sanctuary for rare animals and birds. The reserve boasts numerous scenic spots and pristine waters, making it a popular spot for picnics and nature enthusiasts alike.

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