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Monaco Tourism presented the incredible collection by the master storyteller and couturier Rahul Mishra at India Couture Week 2019. Malhausi Monaco, the masterly showcase, revolved entirely around the famous streets of Monte Carlo and celebrated the emotion associated with a joyous human interaction with nature in Malhausi and an inherent walk along the memories of picturesque dwellings in Monaco.

The collection brings out a very strong connect between humans & nature enveloped between the colourful flowers and the fragrant air around them. The designers’ recent trip to the Principality of Monaco last summer, was a perfect escape and a fairy-tale by the Mediterranean Sea.  This trip cajoled him from within & resurfaced his childhood memories. As they say, travel outside to reconnect with your inside. Rahul’s collection is truly a work of artistic memory and emotions sparkled by a romantic flashback of his childhood nature dwellings in Malhausi.

Rahul Mishra said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Visit Monaco for the showcase of our couture collection which majorly takes inspiration from my experiences during a blissful visit to the Principality of Monaco, last summer.”

The viewers found themselves surrounded by facades and lush foliage, the set was majorly inspired from the streets of Monaco that entail an emphatic co-dwelling of sustainable living and elements like culture, nature and architecture. As explained by Vedika Mohan from the Wedding Design Company, “Rahul’s memory of cascading bougainvillea in Malhausi and the similar emotional connect he felt while walking the narrow-cobbled streets of Monaco lit-up by lamp posts, was my inspiration behind his Couture Show set.”

Speaking on the occasion, Rajeev Nangia, India Director, Monaco Government Tourist Bureau said, “It is our pleasure to present the new collection created by Rahul Mishra. The flora and fauna as utilized by Rahul, in his collection and style, are a brilliant reflection of his childhood memories in Malhausi, and the inspiration drawn from his recent visit to the Principality of Monaco. Very creatively, he has amalgamated the essence of two diverse places. Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, is a luxurious strip located on the extremely picturesque French Riviera and a year-round destination to soak in the lap of luxury, that will leave you mesmerized. The Principality of Monaco is taking various environmental & sustainable initiatives, to reduce the carbon footprint and ensures that there is handover of a lovable heritage to our generations to come. We are delighted to be associated with Rahul Mishra in showcasing his love for nature. His colorful inspirations are truly modern and an evergreen couture. His collection treasures the initiatives of Monaco’s “Green is the New Glam” campaign, a pro-active commitment by the Principality, where each experience, from hospitality to cuisine to major attractions as well as mobility, lets you discover and savor fresh feels of the ethereal paradise that Destination Monaco is bestowed with!”

Rahul was recently awarded ‘International Fashion Award for Sustainable and Ethical Brand’ by Chambre Monegasque de la Mode at the Monte Carlo Fashion Show. Malhausi Monaco indeed gave a taste of Monaco at the India Couture Week 2019.


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