Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Utah Office of Tourism has launched a new, interactive online training programme, Utah Specialist Academy, that is designed to enhance its global travel trade partners’ knowledge of Utah’s diverse product offerings and provide destination insights in a fun and unique way. The programme is meant to equip the partners with the relevant information and tools to promote and sell Utah more effectively.

While throwing light on features of the specialist programme, Mr. Zach Fyne, Global Markets Specialist, said “After 18 months of hard work, planning and development, the Utah Specialist Academy is finally live for the travel trade to become certified as Utah Specialists. The programme provides a focused learning environment with a heavy emphasis on showcasing beautiful imagery and video assets to drive home the gorgeous landscapes each region of the state has to offer across the platform”.

The Utah Specialist Academy focuses on various aspects of Utah’s tourism including its attractions, experiences, landscapes and adventure. Instead of heavy texts and long form questions, the trade partners will absorb and learn Utah’s offerings in a more engaging way through images and videos. They will also have access to travel recommendations of Utah locals as part of the learning program.

Partners who complete the full programme will receive a Utah Specialist certificate, along with special prizes and goodies. They will also enjoy exclusive benefits and receive insider tips and the latest information on accommodation and attractions.


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