Thursday, July 18, 2024

“Nothing concrete has been announced and this industry is bleeding for the last 3 years.  The Tourism industry was expecting some relief to be announced in this Budget but we are really disappointed.  The Government should understand that Tourism is the largest employment generator and has been contributing 9-10% of GDP and about 30 billion dollars in foreign exchange earnings.   The greatest need of our country is to tackle the problem of unemployment which can only be done by supporting an industry like Tourism.  About 35-40 million people have either lost their jobs or are in the process of losing them.  While ECLGS has been a great benefit.  Its extension till 2023 and guarantee cover extended to Rs.5 Lac Crore is a welcome step.

The additional amount of Rs.50,000 crores for the Hospitality & related industry is welcomed but it will not solve the immediate problem of survival,  unemployment and bleeding of  the tourism industry.  
There may be some long term indirect benefits like introduction of 400 new Vande Bharat Trains in the next three years, the linking of rivers and the starting of new rope ways but again, this will not provide any immediate relief to the Tourism industry.  

Since, this Budget and the Finance Ministry has not seriously considered the economic contribution of tourism, therefore, we have no other option but to appeal to the Tourism, Health and Home Ministry for their help to restart e-tourist visas, scheduled international flights and remove the restriction of quarantine for those passengers who have received both the vaccinations.  Otherwise, it will be impossible for Inbound Tour Operators, Tourist Guides, Tourist Transporters, Tourist Drivers, artisans, handicraft manufacturers, artists, musicians etc. who are all dependent on Inbound Tourism to survive.”


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