Friday, June 21, 2024

Travel Heights is focused on Sustainable Tourism. An essential part of the Travel and Tourism industry is Sustainable Tourism. India is still trying to cope up with the losses, and regain momentum in the Travel Industry. Sustainable Tourism is still unpopular in the Indian Subcontinent. The time whereas seems to decide to make it a savior trend for the upcoming decade. Sustainable Tourism is becoming the new way of normal tourism. The current situation demands so much responsibility towards earth, places, and nature, so that tourism maintains its sustainability. Kerala leads the number one state in Sustainable Tourism.

Uttar Pradesh is continuously increasing graph with its new projects and initiatives, and this time there are new cities. Kushinagar is gaining importance and value due to its fastly-built

International Airport. Ayodhya remains the center of attraction. At the same time, Gorakhpur and Varanasi add up to the list.

This edition deals with a lot of statistics explaining where Indian Tourism is heading towards, and what is the government planning for the coming of Industry. Pandemic gave a blow to the economy, and India needs to take care of that battle too. Aviation Sector seems to be restricted due to the tight situation around the world. At this time, our focus needs to be on digging new ways and be satisfied with the Domestic Atmosphere of India. Domestic Tourism is an effective side to explore, helping the situation and health. Lives are just a mere number now, we must count on it.

We hope you all are safe and request you to take care of this pandemic. Good times aren’t far.


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