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The third largest emirate of the UAE, Sharjah boasts a glistening Arabian Sea coastline, graced with fine beaches and unforgettable vistas. Each of them offers many opportunities for swimming, scuba diving, jet ski riding, kayaking and sailing to deep sea fishing spots. This summer, pack your bags and visit these beaches for an exciting beachside vacation in the UAE.

Al Khan Beach

Situated in the Al Khan neighborhood near Sharjah city, this beach spans 600 meters and features a designated area perfect for swimming and indulging in water sports. For the adventure seekers, the surf school offers an array of activities such as kayaking, parasailing, surfing, and flyboarding. If you seek a more laid-back experience, you can bask in the Sharjah sun while lounging on the sandy shore. You can also opt for a fun ride on a banana boat or engage in a friendly game of beach volleyball. The beach caters to families with kids as well, providing a playground equipped with multiple slides for the little ones to enjoy. It’s an ideal spot for a quick escape with friends and family, offering splendid natural views and endless recreational opportunities.

Khorfakkan Beach

This crescent-shaped beach, stretching over 3 kilometers, offers a number of exciting water-based activities such as fishing, diving, parasailing, and kayaking. With its picturesque setting of palm trees and glistening waters, this beach provides an excellent playground for both adults and children. You’ll find swing sets and football goalposts, making it an enjoyable spot for families. If you plan to indulge in outdoor activities, be sure to bring a ball along. Explore the water with a relaxing swim or with boat and jet ski rentals, available in the huts near the centre of the corniche. For fishing enthusiasts, there are several spots where you can try your luck and make a big catch. If you prefer a more immersive experience, consider sailing, scuba diving, or snorkeling near Shark Island, which is conveniently just a short boat ride away from the beach.

Al Heera Beach

Al Heera Beach, stretching for 3.5 kilometers along the Arabian Gulf, is the longest beach in the city. This expansive beach offers a diverse array of activities for visitors to enjoy, complemented by a wide selection of dining options. Among the recreational facilities available at the beach are a jogging track, bicycle track, sports fields, and play areas for children. For skateboarding enthusiasts and roller sports enthusiasts, Al Heera Beach boasts the city’s first professional skate park, the renowned ‘Kota Skate Park.’ This park caters to skaters of all levels, providing tracks for skateboarding, roller skating, scootering, and bicycle motocross (BMX). Additionally, the skatepark includes a special pump track dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of younger skaters, with strict regulations and safety measures in place.

Kalba Beach

Discover the mesmerizing Kalba Beach, stretching over 7 kilometers with its glistening sands and crystal-clear waters. This tranquil destination is a favorite among tourists seeking relaxation while also having the chance to spot endangered wildlife. Situated adjacent to the Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve, a thriving mangrove forest rich in Sharjah’s diverse fauna, the beach attracts rare animals and serves as a vital nesting site for hawksbill turtles. Additionally, it holds special significance as the sole breeding ground in the UAE for the endangered Arabian-collared kingfisher. For those seeking adventure, scuba diving is a popular summer activity enjoyed by both children and adults. Kids, in particular, relish the excitement of discovering the underwater wildlife.


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