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  • Sarovar’s first Hotel in Bihar is Marasa Sarovar Premiere, a five-star hotel 
  • It is the first and only thematic design hotel of Bodh Gaya. 
  • This is made by getting inspiration from the five wisdoms of the Buddha – Abhaya, Dharmachakra, Varada,Dhyana and Bhumisparsha.
  • Marasa Sarovar Premiere will be the 86th hotel of Sarovar group, which is which is in accordance of functioning 100 hotels by 2020.
  • It has 6500 keys under its administration.

Marasa Sarovar Premiere, Bodh Gaya, situated on the bank of the river Falgu. It is the only thematically planned hotel of holy Bodh Gaya. The architectural style of the entire hotel is inspired from the historical existence of Buddhist structures in the area – the Mahabodhi Temple, the Buddhist Monasteries and the Stupas.

The five wisdoms of the Buddha – Abhaya – fearlessness, Dharmachakra – the wisdom of dharma, Varada – giving and sharing, Dhyana – unity with oneself and Bhumisparsha – oneness with the earth, are articulated in the public spaces. These wisdoms guide the spiritual journey from self to divinity and are expressed through representation and material in each space.

The thematic architectural style of the hotel is based on the only support of “The Vajradhatu Mandala”- a emblematic image of a palace, which keeps five Dhyani Buddhas.

There are five residential blocks in the hotel overlooking five magnificent water bodies, symbolizing quietness and serenity. All the blocks are named after different colors and each has eight rooms at ground floor and eight at the upper level. Every room is furnished with a plush divan and soft bolsters providing incomparable comfort.

You can feel Abhaya (fearlessness) in lobby and reception area. The cream palette of the reception walls, beige stone flooring, green color furnishing and the intangible rain mural on the walls all remind the Buddhist wisdom and sentiment of fearlessness.

The Lounge represents Dharmachakra (Dharma) and embodies its spirit through the use of chakra, the white color and the season of Autumn in the decorations.

The Café, Varada (Giving and Sharing), is an attractive long space that joins to the outdoors on three sides presenting scenic views through the large picture windows from floor to ceiling. From here, one can enjoy a large number of delicacies highliting famous dishes from the whole world come with revitalizing beverages.

The banquet and conferencing area is spread over 2100sqft which symbolizes Dhyana (Unity with Oneself). It opens onto the veranda that looks into a large area with ficus trees and white flowering bougainvillea creepers. These can make the place more beautiful to bring outdoor gatherings and celebrations for all occasions.

Bhumisparsha (oneness with the earth ) is the Pool, Spa and Gym area and is a landscaped with frangipani trees having white flowers and ferns which harmonize the colours of blue, white and green in turn booming the feelings and spirit of calmness and tranquillity. 

The hotel is 11 kms from Gaya railway station, 15 kms from the airport, and 2.7 kms from the Mahabodhi temple.


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