Friday, June 21, 2024

India, one of the biggest source markets in the world, it’s a tourism industry that touches the highest peaks on global podiums religiously. Colors that shine the brightest, hymns that are sung soulfully, an abode to the epitome of vibrance and wildest dreams, this is India for the tour around the globe.

From the culture and serenity of Jammu & Kashmir to the colors and snows

of Arunachal Pradesh, from the mountains of Uttarakhand to Kerala’s wild wonders, India shines out as the top leading offerer to the tourism domain, globally

India is vigorously initiating, developing, marching new horizons, and building peaks for the tourism industry under the revered Minister of Tourism, G Kishan Reddy’s idea of ‘Visit India 2023’ and incredible India. The G20 Presidency is at the door, Global Tourism Investors Summit is lined-up, India gears for the best of Tourism for 2023.

The tourism industry with ATM’s 30th edition for 2023, stands at the forefront of the travel & trade business to showcase the Indian states along with their best of offerings for the year.

Travel Heights this month has brought an exclusive Bilingual issue covered in English and Arabic projecting the India Tourism potential for the year along with the massive tourism stages being set like Global Tourism investors Summit, 2-23 Budget focusing on the tourism sector, developments, and targets for hiking the country’s inbound, schemes like Swadesh Darshan, and

showcasing the potential internationally. We altogether come forth to represent India on the global tourism dais and also mirror each effort that has been put underway to bring the April issue for the Travel Heights exclusive India towards incredibility in its 2023 travel saga.

Richa Jain


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