Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tis the season of year end joy and to welcome the warmth of Christmas, Novotel Vijayawada Varun celebrated the traditional cake mixing ceremony at their iconic terrace venue. Since the hotel’s opening, it has been the guests first choice for celebrations in the city and this much-loved event was no exception. 

Executive Chef Suraj Kumar Sahoo along with his team, the kids from Apple Foundation, special invitees and guests of the hotel took part in this festive ceremony with renewed excitement, pomp and cheer. The event at this scenic location set in motion with guests donning aprons and gloves, mixing the merry mixture of candied fruits, assorted nuts and alcohol varieties was a sight to behold. The evening showcased delectable hi-tea preparations and refreshing drinks that kept the guests spirits high throughout the ceremony.

On this occasion of Cake mixing ceremony, Abhishek Pani, Hotel Manager, Novotel Vijayawada Varun expressed“The community binding activity of cake mixing where we all get together to celebrate good tidings has always been a personal favourite event. This year, we had the pleasure of enjoying this joyous ceremony with the orphans from Apple Foundation and it was a delightful time to witness the festive revelry’.  

The age-old tradition of cake mixing, which is a celebration of new beginnings, and the start of Christmas festivities symbolises abundance and blessings for the harvest season. The preps for this ceremony usually begin months in advance and is worth the wait every time as it merrily marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations and restores the belief that it would bring another abundant year.

Novotel Vijayawada Varun’s cake mixing ceremony this year was a wholesome experience filled with joy, laughter and unforgettable memories. The efforts taken by the hotel staff and management made it a memorable one for all the attendees. 


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