Friday, June 21, 2024

 Noida International Airport (NIA) today signed an agreement with Siemens Logistics India Private Limited.  Under the agreement, Siemens will design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain the departure and arrival baggage handling system for Noida International Airport.

The Siemens VarioTray system is a modular and expandable technology. It will provide fast and safe transportation of baggage with high level of accuracy. This will be a fully automated system with a high level of precision, ensuring that each bag is tracked along its route with live security status. The technology will integrate seamlessly with Noida International Airport’s operations and provide fast baggage handling. Owing to its design and configuration, it will also assure a reliable and energy-efficient transportation of bags.

Mr. Christoph Schnellmann, Chief Executive Officer, Noida International Airport, said“We are excited to partner with Siemens to deliver a quick, cost-efficient, and seamless experience to our passengers at the airport. Together, we will build a user-friendly airport which will set a new benchmark to be digitally enabled, supported by integrated systems. We also aim to become the most efficient transfer hub in India, and this tie-up will help us achieve the same effortlessly with Siemens logistics. We are committed to enabling quick and efficient processes at the best value to passengers, airlines, as well as our logistics partners.”

Mr. Michael Schneider, Executive Vice President, Siemens Logistics, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be selected by NIA and to be a part of this exciting new airport development in India. Siemens Logistics has been instrumental to the development of airports logistic systems in the country and in meeting the growth ambitions of many of our customers at multiple airports in India already. We will build on our excellent project delivery skills as well as service capability while embarking on this journey together with NIA. The deployment of our latest tray technology baggage handling system will contribute to passengers at NIA enjoying the best services levels, whilst the operator can rely on operational efficiency and future proof expandability.”  

The Siemens VarioTray is capable of transporting bags up to a speed of 10 m/ sec. The baggage is transported in individual trays enhancing handling quality and traceability of every single bag, providing peace of mind to passengers, and improving airline turnaround performance.


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