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Music has played an important role in every aspect of patriotism. Before Independence, the patriotic lyrics through the power of music made even every individual evolve patriotic feelings.

It is not possible to describe music in words. It is a feeling that has to be experienced. When mixed with one’s love and passion for the nation, the outcome is a heady mix of bliss. A plethora of anecdotes is available from individuals and on the net. I take this opportunity to share what has inspired me a lot.

A function was organized on the eve of India’s Independence to celebrate that auspicious moment.  Sardar Vallabai Patel sent Pandit Omkarnath Thakur a wireless message to sing Vandemataram. Pandit Omkarnath replied that he would sing Vandemataram full – 22 line song. During this invitation, Panditji was in Chennai, and he left Chennai by a special plane to reach Delhi.  He sang Vandemataram at midnight at the Parliament, and Akashvani again broadcasted his song at 6.30 AM.  Panditji’s powerful voice and rendition with a tampura were so mesmerizing that every Indian was proud of it.

This year the government of India suggested the same song will be broadcasted through All India Radio at 6.30 am under the banner of Azadi ki Amritmahotsav. This shows the power of music.

Music liberates the mind and energizes the body. Indian Independence struggle is full of stories where music was not only a source of inspiration but also a powerful medium of communication. Music has many facets that are difficult to understand in one lifetime. Every minute of Independent India should be cherished like one enjoying the music of their choice.

Similarly, respecting Independence is a responsibility like respecting music. I wish everyone a Very Happy 76th Independence Day and pray that our country and music grow and flourish.

Panditji was a professor and founder principal of music and fine arts at Banaras Hindu University, established in the year 1950. It is a great honour, privilege and responsibility to be part of that faculty and University. 

Prof Dr.K.Sashikumar 

Dean & Head Vocal Music
Faculty of performing arts 
Banaras Hindu University 

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Mrinal Ranjan
Mrinal Ranjan
1 year ago

An inspiring post 🙏


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