Wednesday, April 17, 2024

– Fourfold increase in flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
– Indian customers have access to worldwide Lufthansa network via Frankfurt and five-star hub Munich
– New free-of-charge-rebooking policy introduced
– Safe Travel Barometer names Lufthansa safest airline in the world due to hygiene measures
– George Ettiyil: “Lufthansa enables Indian customers to fly safely and comfortably across the globe.”

In September alone, Lufthansa will be offering Indian customers 160 flights between India and Germany, more than five per day and more than four times as many as in August. The five-star airline will be operating between its German hubs Frankfurt and Munich, the latter being Europe’s only five-star airport, and the key Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. From Frankfurt and Munich, Indian customers enjoy connectivity throughout Lufthansa’s global network.

In September, 10 weekly flights are scheduled for each of these city pairings:

• Delhi-Frankfurt
• Delhi-Munich
• Mumbai-Frankfurt
• Bangalore-Frankfurt

Lufthansa has been operating flights from India for several months between Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore and its hubs Frankfurt and Munich. All information on Indian authorities’ regulations that apply to Lufthansa flights to and from India are given at

George Ettiyil, Lufthansa’s Senior Sales Director for South Asia, said: “We are very happy and feel honored being able to offer our customers such a comprehensive flight schedule again. This clearly reflects the ongoing high demand for international air travel to and from India, one of the world’s most important aviation markets. We are honored to be part of reconnecting India with the world by offering our customers the safest in-flight experience and connectivity to all major destinations around the globe.”

Lufthansa Group has also launched a free-of-charge rebooking policy for its customers regardless of the terms and conditions of their purchased tickets. For more information please go to

Passenger safety is and will remain Lufthansa’s top priority, foremost with regard to optimal hygiene on the ground and onboard. For this reason, all procedures throughout the entire travel chain will be reviewed continually so the safety of everyone is guaranteed. These are based on the latest findings and hygiene standards advocated by experts.

All aircraft operated by Lufthansa Group airlines are equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA filters that continuously clean the cabin air of contaminants such as dust, bacteria, and viruses. This is done to 40 percent of cabin air; 60 percent is added as fresh air from outside the aircraft. HEPA filter technology is also used in air conditioning systems for theaters’ operations.

More specifically, all cabin air is completely renewed approximately every 3 minutes, a much higher ventilation rate than is usual for other applications and means of transport. Since airflow in an aircraft cabin is from top to bottom it means air conditioning is designed to prevent longitudinal airflow.

Onboard service has also been redesigned, taking into account the duration of the flight in order to minimize the interaction between guests and crew, reduce the risk of infection on board, and at the same time allow for maximum comfort.

On the ground, all Lufthansa Group airlines work closely with airports in Germany and destination countries to ensure physical distancing and other hygiene measures. The obligation to wear a mouth and nose mask from boarding the flight to disembarkation is a central element of Lufthansa Group’s hygiene concept. Lufthansa also has strict aircraft cleaning standards – for every flight.

In principle, the risk of contracting the virus during a flight is extremely low. This has been supported by empirical data recently published by India’s Civil Aviation Ministry. It suggests that the possibility of getting an in-flight COVID-19 infection is negligible, making it the safest and fastest way to travel.

On the back of its pro-traveller hygiene and safety measures, Lufthansa Group was recently named the safest airline in the world by the Safe Travel Barometer. The decision is based on Lufthansa implementing strict measures such as requiring the wearing of a mouth and nose mask from boarding throughout the flight until disembarkation, blocked middle seats, and regular temperature checks as the central elements of its hygiene concept. Overall, it shows that Lufthansa Group strives to offer its guests a maximum of safety when traveling.

“With our greatly increased flight schedule for flights to and from India, strict hygiene measures, and a convenient rebooking policy, Lufthansa is enabling Indians to fly safely and comfortably to destinations worldwide in these unprecedented times,” said Ettiyil.


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