Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Executive Committee of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG today approved a new
allocation of responsibilities for the Executive Board. The former “Finance & IT” department will not be
replaced following Thorsten Dirks’ departure. The responsibilities will be assigned to the other management departments of the Executive Board.

Carsten Spohr will assume additional responsibility for the finance functions in the CEO’s department,
until further notice. Following the departure of former CFO Ulrik Svensson in April, due to illness, the
position of CFO is to be filled again in the coming months. In the future, the finance functions will be
bundled in a separate department.

Christina Foerster will assume responsibility for the areas of “IT and Digitization” and the Lufthansa
Innovation Hub in addition to her current duties. Both areas were previously assigned to the “Finance &
IT” division. This means that “IT and Digitization”, “Innovation” and “Product Development” will in future
be in the same hands with an all-encompassing customer responsibility. Christina Foerster’s department
will be renamed “Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility”.

The “Human Resources Development” department, previously under the responsibility of Christina
Foerster will return to the “Human Resources and Legal” department under the leadership of Michael
Niggemann. The central management of the restructuring and transformation program will be assigned to
Detlef Kayser, who will continue to head the “Airline Resources & Operations Standards” department.


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