Friday, June 21, 2024

Today is the beginning of affiliation of the travel trade of Odisha with SKAL International, an Affiliated Member of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), whose mission is to promote the development of responsible, sustainable and accessible Tourism, and adheres to the Global Code of Ethics.  Skål International promotes global Tourism and friendship, embracing all sectors of the Tourism industry. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the Travel and Tourism industry. Founded in 1934, it’s over 13000 members, the industry’s Managers and Executives, do business among friends throughout more than 340 Skål chapters along 101 countries.

Skål International, has spent 85 years connecting Travel and Tourism professionals all around the world. Skål International has enduring partnerships and affiliations with several likeminded organizations who are eager to help drive global change and cooperate closely on matters of mutual interest in order to achieve common objectives. These partnerships and affiliations include UNWTO, Pacific Air Travel Association, UFTAA, ICTP, and many more.

Our vision is to be a trusted voice in travel and tourism industry and our mission is through our leadership, professionalism and friendship work together to enhance our vision, maximize networking opportunities and develop a responsible tourism industry.

SKAL membership gives global benefits to our Clubs and Members such as networking and doing business among friends globally, SKAL International India represents all facets of tourism with members from up to 42 branches of the country. It consists of over 1250 members across 15 chapters in 14 cities.

The Board Members of SKAL International Bhubaneswar are Sri J K Mohanty, President, Sri Debasish Patnaik & Sri Raj Kishore Patra, Vice President, Sri Debasish Mahapatra, Secretary, Sri Raman Kumar Choudhary, Treasurer, Sri Subrat Kumar Dash, Director (PR) and Sri Amar Kumar Sahoo, Officer Membership and this chapter is being formed in Odisha for connecting Odisha travel trade globally and enhance tourism prospects of Odisha in international market. We seek intervention of Hon’ble Minister to make Odisha Tourism Honorary member of SKAL International India and request Hon’ble Minister also to be our Guest of Honour whenever SKAL International have functions within the country and abroad.


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