Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) is delighted to announce the appointment of Think Strawberries, its longstanding partner in the Indian market, as its in-market representation agency. The appointment comes at the heels of JTB’s strategic market re-entry plan that reinforces its strong commitment to the Indian market.

As part of the agreement, Think Strawberries, India’s leader in tourism representation with offices in the GCC and the United Kingdom, will provide JTB with a complete portfolio of trade, marketing and public relations services. Using their local knowledge and wide network, the tourism experts will develop market-specific strategies to promote Jordan’s unique offerings to increase visitation numbers from India.

Apart from its world-famous historical sites and cultural heritage, Jordan boasts breathtaking scenery, extraordinary venues, ultra-modern facilities and world-class hospitality services, creating the ideal setting for unforgettable weddings and standout business events. It offers several options for blissful honeymoons and indulgent holidays, making it a truly captivating destination for a luxury escape.

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), in a statement, said, “The Jordanian government has made inbound tourism an important pillar of its economic growth strategy. The JTB’s mission is to promote inbound tourism and to position Jordan as the world’s most desirable travel destination. India continues to be a key source market for us and we are delighted to be represented by Think Strawberries in pursuit of this mission.”

“The charm of the Kingdom is undeniable with its enchanting ancient history, gorgeous natural landscapes, global hospitality brands and large-scale meeting venues, making Jordan the perfect destination for weddings and events. As we enter this partnership with Think Strawberries, we are confident in our ability to further strengthen the appeal of Jordan in the Indian subcontinent.”

Ms. Munnmun Marwah, COO, Think Strawberries, said, “It is indeed very heartening that the JTB continues to choose us as their preferred partner in the Indian market, which motivates us to achieve all the ambitious tourism goals and milestones earmarked by the Kingdom for 2023. Our focus is to enhance the visibility of Jordan in the country and rightly endorse the beautiful destination against the backdrop of its rich culture, history and tradition.”

Jordan is a multifaceted tourism destination that offers an excellent blend of tradition, culture and natural beauty. It is a land steeped in history and has been home to some of Humankind’s earliest settlements and villages, harboring hidden relics from the world’s greatest civilizations. The lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, is a spectacular natural wonder, and is perfect for wellness and religious history. The many magnificent museums in the Kingdom offer a gateway to Jordan’s rich cultural heritage, as do the spellbinding UNESCO world heritage sites, mainly Petra and Wadi Rum, among others. Whether it’s hiking, history, food or yoga, there is something for everyone in beautiful Jordan. 


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