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Planning your next adventure vacation? Experiencing some of the planet’s most incredible terrain by foot is definitely a great idea for a holiday. You can embark on epic and unforgettable adventures when visiting Sharjah, the third largest emirate in the UAE. Get ready and take to the trails of Sharjah for a great hiking vacation!

Wadi Shees Nature Trail

An enchanting hiking route cuts across the Shees valley, enhanced by the soothing presence of running water flowing through the ancient ‘falaj’ system. The trail meanders amidst the mountains, running parallel to the charming watercourse, and connects with a historic village and nearby farms. The region boasts remarkable biodiversity, offering fortunate hikers the opportunity to observe indigenous flora and fauna attracted by the nearby freshwater springs. Amidst the captivating palm tree cluster, a natural oasis of shade emerges. It’s important to note that while the route lacks significant resting points, it’s recommended for visitors to carry water, sustenance, and appropriate footwear for an enjoyable experience.

Al Rabi Hiking Trail

Constructed in 1915 as an integral component of Khorfakkan’s defense network, the Al Rabi Tower stands proudly at the peak of a clearly defined path that meanders up the mountain, granting sweeping panoramic vistas. This path is a secure and enjoyable hiking option, often touted as ideal for beginners, including individuals with limited expertise and young children. The trail’s course is distinctly marked and offers continuous scenic outlooks. While a handful of parking spaces are available at the trailhead, they tend to fill up rapidly. Additional parking can be located further down the hill, necessitating a slightly extended journey.

Mleiha Fossil Rock Hiking Trail

Heading eastward from Sharjah city towards Kalba, you will encounter a breathtaking landmark known as Fossil Rock. This remarkable site bears witness to a time when much of the Arabian Peninsula was submerged beneath the sea, with many of the fossils found here dating back over 80 million years. Upon reaching Fossil Rock, take a moment to bask in the presence of these ancient fossils, which have endured for millions of years. Here, amidst the UAE’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, you can relish the clear azure skies, rugged hills, and untouched desert sands. The journey involves a brief, steep vertical rock-climbing segment that could pose a challenge for some individuals. Given that there is no shade along this route, it’s advisable to commence your journey either in the early morning or late afternoon.

Al Rafisah Hiking Trail

Al Rafisah presents a delightful opportunity for dedicated hikers, offering a diverse array of terrains, landscapes, and vistas to relish. The hiking experience at Al Rafisah spans about three hours round trip to and from the Al Suhab Rest Houses, providing a gratifying journey. Even those who aren’t avid hikers can revel in breathtaking scenery during the initial stretch of the hike; and if they choose to turn back afterward, it’s easily manageable. The trail encompasses ancient terrain and captivating rock formations, accompanied by a moderately easy, clearly marked path, making it an attractive option for hikers of varying levels. The summit’s rest stop delivers astonishing panoramic views that add to the hike’s appeal.


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