Friday, April 19, 2024

M. S. Dhoni, P.V. Sindhu, Azim Premji, Amitabh Bachchan, Gautam Adani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Dr. Devi Shetty, Kiran Bedi, Nandan Nilekani, Amitabh Kant… what do these personalities have in common? Regardless of their profession, they have one big similarity – they worked hard to get where they are. There really is no substitute to hard work. Growing up, we have all been told this time and again. And this holds true, no matter which era we live in.

Hard work needs direction

Working smart is an integral aspect of working hard. If we do not have a goal in mind, what are we working towards? It is important therefore, to have a plan. Work diligently towards this plan, set yourself targets and deadlines – and go all out to meet these. For instance, if M. S. Dhoni is captaining a game, he must have a plan in place as to the sequence of batsmen, and bowlers as well as a target score in mind – based on the playing conditions and the strengths of the opposition – so that the entire team can work collectively towards that.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Alright, so you have a goal in mind. That’s a definite step in the right direction. If you have to get to a point, it is always better to plan that journey. Define the sequence of your actions. Give your tasks a hierarchy that you must follow. This way you know which tasks to prioritize on the path to your goal. When Amitabh Kant worked on the Incredible India campaign – his first task must have been to make everything that was said about India seem credible. One can only imagine the massive amount of planning that went into making India an attractive tourist destination.

Consistency is half the battle won

Imagine if P.V. Sindhu decided on random mornings that she was in no mood to practice that day. No waking up at 4 am routine. Would that work for her? No. Consistency key to hard work. It is important to work to a plan and do it unswervingly – every single day without compromises. To achieve your goal certain sacrifices have to be made. So set your priorities right and keep your compass pointing true North.

Stay positive and keep going

India celebrates 75 years of Independence and we as a nation are certainly brimming with positivity. It is up to us citizens to take the nation towards the goal. And all of us have to work hard towards our individual and collective goals. Anytime you feel like giving up, sit yourself down and remember why you started on this journey in the first place. Pat yourself on the back for not giving up all these days. Then dust yourself up and get going. Believe that your goal is worth it. Stay positive and go get it!

Wishing all a Happy Independence Day!

Veni Varghese
DGM – Branding (Group)
Kauvery Hospital


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