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Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy ONE has curated a special wellness programme in
association with Deivee by Milind Soman, specially targeted towards corporate guests.
Wellness, it has been discovered, is the trending watchword for 2020.
Busy professionals are looking for a comprehensive wellness program to balance out their
rushed schedules throughout the week with a feel-good antidote on Saturdays. The vast
majority of guests in Bengaluru, better known as India’s Silicon Valley are in a perpetual
state of flux with pressing deadlines, stretched hours, screen time and the regimen of air-
conditioned cubicles.
This recurring bootcamp, Feel Good Saturdays, is designed as a nourishing R&R session to
help one unplug and recharge. Infuse Spa has collaborated with Deivee by Milind Soman to
craft a holistic package for Saturday mornings.
Components of Feel Good Saturdays
Meant as a journey of optimal happiness, guests start with an immersive two-hour long yoga
session conducted rotationally by in-house yogi Netto or a guest yogi. Reaching an
equilibrium through this session is seamless at the yoga studio of Infuse Spa, overlooking the
expansive turquoise swimming pool and a cascading waterfall. New techniques of relaxation
such as sound therapy will be regularly added to make this two-hour long immersive session
a varied one.
A short, rejuvenating Reflexology or Zone Therapy by in-house spa therapists at Infuse Spa
addresses every knackered cell in the body. According to Spa Manager Minu Budhatoki,
“Guests can expect our wellness experts to release not just knotted muscles but also help heal
the stresses of the week in a serene environment.”
Since eating well is always considered as an integral part of a wellness regime, guests finish
with an expansive buffet lunch at CUR8 that focuses on clean eating. Chefs showcase the
healthy aspects of the buffet, such as the local produce, fresh ingredients in salads,
superfoods, and other low-cal options that allow one to indulge without guilt. Sugar and
gluten free desserts ensure that the meal has a healthy parting shot.
 10 am – Yoga by in-house yogi or a guest yogi organized by Deivee
 12 noon – Reflexology by Infuse Spa team
 12.30 pm – Healthy lunch at CUR8
When: Every Saturday, starting 1st February, 2020
Venue: Yoga Studio at Infuse Spa, followed by lunch at CUR8
Price: INR 5,000 + taxes per person (includes a yoga mat by Deivee to take home)
For more details, call Infuse Spa at +91 80 4522 2212

This Saturday bootcamp, conducted in small focused groups of 8 to 10 has been designed to
make one feel good from inside out.
A goodie bag with a yoga mat from Deivee will be part of Feel Good Saturdays, the perfect
antidote to a rushed and busy work week.


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