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Jordan exhibits a stunning variety of landscape making it ideal for any kind of vacation, including a perfect adventurous getaway! You will be able to hike through canyons, descend stunning waterfalls in the middle of untouched nature, climb cliffs and mountains to reach breathtaking views, bike through the roads of history’s kings and emperors, and so much more.

Wadi Rum

A maze of monolithic rockscapes rises up from the desert floor to heights of 1,750m, creating a natural challenge for serious mountaineers. Hikers can enjoy the tranquility of the boundless empty spaces and explore canyons to discover 4000-year-old rock drawings and the many other spectacular treasures this vast wilderness holds in store. There are several options for exploring Wadi Rum.

Hire a 4×4 vehicle with driver/guide at the Visitors Centre and then drive for 2-3 hours into the protected area to explore some of the best known sites. Alternatively, hire a camel and guide. Stay under the stars in a Bedouin tent where you can enjoy a traditional campfire meal accompanied by Arabic music.

There are also various aero sports activities, such as experiencing the breathtaking natural rock formations from a hot air balloon, or one of the many different aircrafts.


Aqaba has multiple dive sites that provide surreal experiences, ranging from submerged wrecks that include boats, a tank and even a Hercules C103 airplane at less than 20m deep. The Gulf of Aqaba is also famous for its marine wildlife and has the world’s northernmost coral reef ecosystem. An average water temperature of 23 degree Celsius, the absence of stormy weather, and mild water currents have created a hospitable environment for the growth of corals.

The “Snorkeling for a Clean Sea Experience” involves swimming with colored fish and exploring the waters of the Red Sea, all while protecting the environment and its inhabitants by picking up waste that has accumulated among the coral reefs. You can feel satisfied knowing that you have enjoyed the colorful coral and sea life, while also sustaining it by helping to keep it clean.

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib has a variety of canyoning trails ranging from Balou, Heba, Upper Hidan, Malagi, the Siq trail, and many others. The versatility of the location offers a wide spectrum of activities, from simple walks in water, to a technical experience with multiple rappels from 10m to 100m. 

Due to the altitude difference, some of the canyons in Wadi Mujib offer great climbing opportunities such as bouldering inside Wadi Mukheires or climbing the great slabs of Weidaa.

The Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan is based on the shores of the Dead Sea, offering a unique skydiving experience to the lowest point on Earth in addition to other activities as well. The upper valleys of Wadi Mujib and Wadi Hidan offer a great take off point for paragliding with convenient car accessible landing points. 


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