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Head to the game-changing island destination, a favorite among celebrities and professional athletes, for an exciting holiday be it underwater adventures, sports, wellness, or just fun activities guaranteed to fit your vibe and lifestyle.

20th July 2021, Maldives: Kandima Maldives kick-started an action-packed summer by ensuring that active lifestyle and football enthusiasts enjoyed all the Euro 2020 action on a massive screen at the resort with a specially curated cuisine representing the teams at the finals. With one of the year’s biggest sporting events coming to an end, you might be struggling to remember how you ever spent your evenings before it all began. 

Don’t panic though, sports fans can do so much more this season with Kandima Maldives keeping all goals covered and keeping the sporting season alive. The game-changing active lifestyle destination is popular among sports enthusiasts and professional football celebrities, having hosted Saudi Arabia’s Omar Al-Muziel; ex Liverpool player, Daniel Agger playing friendly guest matches at Kandima or Spain’s Alberto Moreno representing Villarreal for the UEFA Europa League win this 2021, and also the former Liverpool FC left-back celebrating his honeymoon at the resort this July.

For travelers seeking an adrenaline-filled trip itinerary, Kandima Maldives offers fitness facilities such as BURN Fitness Centre with its private swimming pool, fitness pavilion, tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball court, and guess what? – It is home to one of the largest football fields in the Maldives! An incredible range of aquatic adventures and excursions gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy your sports passion or discover a cool new one. 

With a full range of sports activities for all ages or hands-on activities for the kids, there’s never a dull moment at Kandima Maldives. Every single day feels different when with activities like skydiving, kayaking, paddle-boarding, Jet skis, wake-boarding, and parasailing. The whole family can enjoy endless fun at the Aquaholics Dive and Watersports Centre with a huge choice of water sports, diving, or snorkeling in the vibrant reef around Kandima Maldives. Named as one of the most adrenaline-filled adventures, the night snorkeling with UV lights will transform the way you will experience the Maldivian waves.

In the mood to feast after your games? You can choose from a total of ten unique restaurants and bars offering mouth-watering flavors from all over the world. To make your week of fun and play even better, the resort hosts many outdoor sporting events and pool parties for families and groups to take part in together throughout the year. The oh-so Kool island (desti)nation features one of the longest swimming pools in the Maldives – Breeze Pool, and boasts a stunning 3-kilometer long beach perfect for those morning runs! 

Whether you are looking for speed, excitement, relaxation, marine beauty, or an opportunity to create that private version of paradise you have in your mind, then if it is water-related, Kandima Maldives can make it happen for you! The resort’s special K’ OnGuard health and safety program ensures that every procedure is in place to protect guests and staff so you can have the Koolest and safest holiday you could ever imagine.

End your action-packed day with the kool nightlife by the beach club or bars, as live bands & DJs entertain you with their weekly themed nights. The active lifestyle desti(nation) offers one of the largest selections of indoor, outdoor and alfresco dining outlets, featuring unique and individual menus offering flavors of the world from the Mediterranean to Maldivian cuisine and Far East fine dining so you can feast after your games. Kandima Maldives also experiments with many farm-to-table concepts, through the “Fresh Labs” initiative that sources local produce, so you can have the greenest salads and the freshest seafood on your table.

Whether you play professionally or as a recreational activity with friends and family – sports help you maintain your health, fitness, strength, and agility. Head to Kandima to develop your skills and discover new sports whilst you enjoy an unforgettable beach holiday in the koolest island destination in the Maldives! 


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