Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The recently concluded roundtable conference organized by Destination New South Wales (DNSW) at the esteemed Lalit Hotel in New Delhi on June 20, 2023, showcased the tremendous appeal and potential of New South Wales (NSW) as a premier travel destination.

During the conference, Samar Chokshi, the Country Head of DNSW, delivered an impassioned presentation emphasizing the remarkable features and experiences that distinguish NSW as a must-visit destination. With unwavering enthusiasm, Chokshi highlighted the breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unparalleled adventure opportunities that await visitors in NSW. India has emerged as the fourth largest market for travelers visiting Sydney, Australia. India follows closely behind New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, demonstrating a significant interest in exploring the vibrant city and its surrounding attractions.

As the country head addressed the attendees, the audience was captivated by vivid descriptions of the iconic Sydney attractions such as the Opera House, the pristine beaches of Bondi and Byron Bay, and the diverse wildlife found in national parks such as the famous Royal National Park. The state’s commitment to preserving its unique ecosystem and promoting sustainable tourism was also a key highlight. He also shed light on the state’s robust economy, well-developed infrastructure, and supportive government policies. The conference attendees were introduced to the potential for collaboration and growth across various sectors, including tourism and hospitality.

As the conference concluded successfully at Lalit Hotel on June 20th, Chokshi extended gratitude to all participants for their active engagement while reaffirming DNSW’s dedication to making NSW rise globally. This roundtable conference truly shone a spotlight on NSW as an exceptional travel destination due to its remarkable attractions encompassing vibrant cities with cultural richness alongside abundant business opportunities. Thus it remains poised to captivate countless hearts and minds of globetrotters around the world.


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