Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The program inauguration held in Mizoram for ITM 2022, has cemented a brick for the foundation of Tourism with the aims of marching new horizons for the carrying capacity of tourist places in order to make balance for the overloaded spots and bring more tourism for better economic and diversified elevation. The need of the hour is to welcome with such tourist products that every person visiting should feel a sense of belongingness.

There will be two sessions that will highlight sustainable tourism and for the investments in tourism sector. The target for these sessions will not just be to improve infrastructure of tourism but also software production of tourism will also be catered increasing the private sector participation for the development of the tourism dynamic.

Mizoram Tourism department has made sure it hasn’t unturned any stone left to make the Mizoram tourism flourish. There are various formulas and ideas nurtured specifically to focus on the tourism of Mizoram. It must have wider horizons in cultural, linguistic and social tourism. The unique geographical and natural beauty should be preserved and presented efficiently for all the future plans. ITM will make all the possible pursuits that Mizoram will be an explored and known to the outside world.


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