Wednesday, July 17, 2024

China has established a mobile app “close contact detector”, allowing people to check whether they were susceptible of catching the contagious coronavirus.

As per Xinhua news agency, after its release Saturday evening, users can scan a QR code via mobile apps like WeChat, Alipay, or QQ to do an examination.

People need to do a registration with a phone number in which users have to put their name and ID number to know whether they were in close contact with anybody contaminated. Each registered phone number can be used to verify for three ID numbers.

People who have been in close contact are told to remain at home and contact local health authorities.

The app was created by the General Office of the State Council, the National Health Commission and China Electronics Technology Group Corporations (CETC).

According to the CETC, the app obtained support from different government agencies such as the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Transport, China Railway and the Civil Aviation Administration of China to confirm correct, consistent and trustworthy data.

The National Health Commission said, close contact directs to someone who has come in close distance, with no useful guard, with affirmed cases, suspected cases or mild cases when the person was sick or indicated asymptomatic cases in the subsequent conditions.

It comprises people who work very close to each other, remain in the same classroom or live in the same house; family members, medical staff or other people who have been in close contact with patients in a closed environment and other patients in the same room and their caregivers; with passengers and crew members who have been in the same transport facility with patients (confirmed and suspected cases) and contaminated cases (mild cases and asymptomatic cases).

For example, on a flight, , all passengers in the same row and three rows in front and back of the case seat, and the flight attendants who offer cabin services in the area, are known as being in close contact, while other passengers would be referred to as having general contact.


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