Sunday, June 16, 2024

Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group participated in the brand’s novel initiative, ‘Celebrate Service Week’ to express gratitude to its employees for their diligence and dedication to providing outstanding service to guests.

Dedicated to celebrate their real asset; ‘their people’, to celebrate success, to celebrate the unique place they have in our heart, to celebrate employee relations, to celebrate every moment. The celebration is the humble yet heart felt tribute to ‘give back’ to the people to recognize and acknowledge them.


The activities were organised as a part of the countrywide celebrations with the theme “Feel Valued”.Employees at the upscale hotel came up with a series of entertaining activities such as Camping, Masquerade Ball, Dancing & Singing competition, Treasure Hunt and similar fun sessions. The high point of the festivities was the gala night where all the employees were seen having a great time and dancing out to their full heart.


The successful celebrations were highly effective in promoting the team’s bonding and appreciate the efforts put in by each employee to make Holiday Inn Mumbai what they are today. To end the week, employees enjoyed dancing in an engaging atmosphere to spread the gaiety while also helping the team members build a stronger relationship with each other.


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